History of the =HotS= clan

=HotS= was a clan of the game , playing only on -=RuleZ=- Server.

The founding of the =HotS= clan dates back to 26/11/2007 by the will of a group of friends that after some months on the -=RuleZ=- server wanted to be actively part of the community.
The name comes from the movie Hot Shots!, abbreviated into =HotS= to fit the clan tag length.


Being the leader of the clan was a wonderful experience.
I always strived to make the members feel part of a family and enforced them to play for fun respecting the rules.
I hope that we will be remembered for our fairness.


All good things come to an end, with the shipping of Battlefield 3 many moved on the new game and the remaining joined other clans to be able to be part of the community.