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Change Of Dojo?

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Not trying to complain or something, but I think our Dojo looks a bit ... simple?

Just to get my point, while I was out trading some stuff I saw some Dojos like this :

Compared to our Dojo :

I am not 100% informed on what is possible / available with Dojo decorations but I really think we can do more ( especially with all those colors unlocked)

Soo, what do you guys think? Is that a project we should keep an eye on? Or did I just miss an important fact?

Ty for reading

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I agree with you but I don't have much time to experiment with colors and stuff.
But I'll update you asap.

Also if you have any ideas let me know
(no, the snowman stays there.)

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Guess just trying some colors, posting screens of them and then vote for them would work, since everyone needs to like it...

Well I dont know the cost / Availability from Dojo Decorations, so I cant talk about that.

I never wanted to remove anything... just getting an alternative for the plain white we have right now.

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Yeah I took some screenshots, when I have something decent I'll post them

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I accidentally colored the dojo.
Since it's already done, at least tell me if you like the colors and what to change.

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I like it

No need to change anything. I guess

At least its fine for me don't know about the others :o


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