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How to apply

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If you are reading this, you are already halfway to get into the clan.

Actually I lied, you have to read 'till the end to be really halfway

Please don't make a wall of text. Use punctuation and space between paragraphs.

Follow this little handbook to write your application:

  • Make a topic with only your in game alias (e.g.: Stormageddon).
  • Describe yourself: age, nationality, gender (if you want), habits/playstyle, etc.
  • Describe how you get to know the clan. This can be even a short sentence ("my friend is in the clan").
  • Name any people you know into the clan.
  • Describe why you'd like to join HotS clan.

Now for the requirements:

  • Good knowledge of written english (to chat), better if you can speak english too (for teamspeak).
  • Not being an asshole.

After you have posted your application me or a General will answer saying if we accept it.
If we accept your application you'll be invited to play with clan members (when there is the occasion to do so).
After some games we'll decide if you get invited or not.
The outcome will also be posted on your application.

Good luck Tenno.

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