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Age & gender: 18-year old male
Nacionality: Portuguese
Nickname: Sulfuron
Languangese: English and Portuguese
Greetings, i normaly spend my time playing warframe, dark souls, 3-7 hours of games per day.
Aside from that im currently working at a lab that checks the quality of products ( im a science guy to keep it short)
A fellow tenno called "Kyrie.Eleison" whispered me about this clan when i was searching for a good one ( active people,etc) .
I have teamspeak( mic currently broken and dont know when i will get a new one).
I will do my best to help the clan by donating resources/helping others.

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Your application is accepted Tenno.
Your trial begins now.

Play with me (SpezzaOssa) or any General (Lyla, Kyrie.Eleison, Chroia) to be tested.

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Congratulations Tenno!
You are now a HotS member.

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